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red hat gonk... aka gnome

red hat gonk... aka gnome

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hat: thick textured red woven wool, white blanket stitched edge
height: 7" wood; 12.5" to top of hat
diameter: 1 3/4"

my gonks are made from a slice of tree, varying in size. I then use sustainably source felted wool for his hat, fabric for his nose and a white poly beard!

gonks are everywhere this christmas. they make me smile all year long.

Gonks originate in scandinavian folklore and are also known as tomte in sweden, tonttu in finland, nisse in norway + denmark. they are small mythological white-bearded creatures, resembling garden gnomes. While they used to be seen as home protectors, these little characters, wearing felted wool hats are now considered as the nordic version of our western santa claus.

gonks are mostly associated with christmas, and despite the increase in popularity of the traditional jolly santa claus in scandinavian countries, gonks have not disappeared and can take on the role of father christmas. rather than sliding down a sooty chimney, gonks prefer to knock at front doors and hand presents directly to awaiting children.

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