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i am a creative person always seeking to create something new! 
a woman, wife, mother, and graphic designer with a love of fashion
have led me to my sustainable fashion business.
creating sustainable fashion; slow fashion. eco-fashion. circular fashion;
all through upcycling existing discarded clothing and fabrics.
constantly designing new pieces whether it be a new sleeve design, hat, skirt
or a use for some scraps. most afternoons you can find me either at
my drafting table or behind a sewing machine. truly my happy place!
my pieces are meant to be worn, are durable, fun, + machine washable!
my sustainable fashion is all designed + sewn by me! 
i want my customer to behappy + feel great wearing each piece.
after all, looking great + feeling fabulous are one in the same! 
here is some local press about my business

New Whiting Mills artisan turns old fabric into new fashions

read the full story here: avonpatch_18

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