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whiskered worn denim + golden reds tie skirt, (size 10)

whiskered worn denim + golden reds tie skirt, (size 10)

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size: l (10)
waist: 36” this is actual buttoned measure!!! 
hips: 40”  
length: 19" frnt/ 21" back (this is tip of tie measure)
details: 14 deep reds + golden themed neckties; cheetahs, pineapples, butterflies! some vintage wide ties here!
thread: tan denim big stitch topstitching
denim: ON boyfriend whispered torn denim; (98% cotton/2% spandex); great stitching; fit like your favorite pair of jeans so comfortable + fun

  • a great length falling right above the knee
  • as a bonus i left on all the ties inside labels
  • i have created a true fashion stopper
  • all unique one-of-a-kind handmade pieces
  • due to some silk ties dryer dry-cleaner sheets (dryel at home drycleaning sheets)
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