what is your sustainability number?

my way of letting you know how many items
i saved from a landfill to create each and every piece.
introducing my fun new number labels! 
just how sustainably sourced is each piece.
i am adding a small numbered marker to each item i create.
there will now be a small black tag with a gray number sewn
on each and every piece. 
what is the significance of this number?
this number represents the number of repurposed items used
in creating this wonderful one-of-a-kind wearable art.
be sure to check your number.
my goal is to sustainably source all of my fabrics that
are used in each and every piece.
my denim jackets will typically sport the number 2,
but depending on how I embellish and/or what I combine;
it could sport a number 3 or 4 tag.
fingerless mittens are many different scraps of felted wool
and so much fun, likely ranging from a 2 to a 6!
felted wool sweaters will range from a 4 to a 6.
pillows… some of them are too many to count,
so they will be tagged according to type of source used.

this is just the beginning!