my story

my sustainable fashion began as an idea to take old unwanted clothing + make it into a new stylish piece of fashion! my cutting and creating is evolving into a fun upcycled wearable art business. i use all repurposed clothing to make my pieces. vintage + used clothing are my textile supply. saving fabrics from ending up in a landfill, a new way to be green.

i am forever getting new ideas, expanding my ever growing fun fashion! Upcycling is a passion, yielding beautiful felted wool coats, sweaters, tunics, fingerless mittens, along with my newest denim trend. mixed media denim jackets, wine sleeves and stylish denim skirts! I expect to be evolving even more in the near future!

2020 brought all new challenges with supply unreachable + all my shows canceled. i jumped in to help in any way i could. from making masks out of all my scraps, making mask ties from old tees when elastic was unattainable, printing pattern off the internet. surgical caps + even isolation gowns if i could find enough fabric. 

as the year wound down i started to need to have some fun so born were my gonks, nordic santa clause, otherwise a gnome. they too are of upcycled materials; wood, denim, felted wool and scraps. look for more holiday fun next year!

2021 is here! hopefully shows will slowly come back but meanwhile i have gotten a studio + will be getting busy!

my sustainable fashion is all designed + sewn by me! i want my customer to be happy + feel great wearing each piece. after all, looking great + feeling fabulous are one in the same! 

read the full story here: avonpatch_18