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fun shades of blue denim reversible sun hat

fun shades of blue denim reversible sun hat

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made with a combination of light and darker blue denims, this quirky hat is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously.
protect yourself from the sun in style with this unique and playful hat.

description: patchwork: one side is light top/brim; second side is dark top/brim denim; 5" moldable brim

  • sustainably sourced from jacket sleeves, using all pieces of fabrics
  • reversible; 2 looks one hat!
  • reinforced stitching on brim gives you flexibility in styling
  • each hat has nuances in the fabrics, from patches to worn areas, fading
  • packable; can put just about anywhere and it will shake out perfectly
  • life proof; so durable it will likely outlive you!
  • totally wash/dry
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